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The Poronin Junction

Our Office has signed a contract with Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich (Provincial Roadway Authority) in Krakow to prepare the design documentation and provide designer supervision for the project title...

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Our core business is to develop end-to-end design solutions of road infrastructure.

We provide designs for new construction, reconstruction and upgrading the road network... 


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We bring reliability, professional performance and individual approach to each task, with consulting at every project stage to deliver the project document package which will satisfy the project investor and their contractor. With the acquired experience, we have specialised ourselves in Design & Build contracts.



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About the Company


Autostrada II Design Office was established in 2005 in Katowice, Poland, and is now an enterprise with entirely Polish capital. The founders of our Company have a long experience in execution of road and bridge construction projects and large-scale project management.


With years in business, our Office has secured a steady and recognised position in the design services market. We meet customers' demands by employing a staff of qualified and competent designers with design and execution licenses. Our know-how is backed with great experience. That is how we have been successful in the execution of design projects for the road, bridge and engineering network industries.


Our business keeps growing dynamically and now spans the following units:


Bridge Design Office

Road Design Office

Sanitary Facilities Design Office

Land Surveying Office

Quotation & Contract Department


We have been partnered by specialists of the Silesian University of Technology and the Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw, and coupled with our know-how, this guarantees the high quality and performance of our services. Our engineers have been fostering continuous development and qualification excellence so that our work for you is better, more efficient and more reliable. Our focus is to implement state-of-the-art and creative engineering solutions for our employers.


We value the trust our customers have in us, which is why we stand for professional, timely and effective project management at the design stage. We build our image of a trustworthy business partner with reliability, high service level, as well as competitive and goal-focused performance.


Executive Board:


CEO Contract Director – Rafał Gendek

CEO Technical Director – Krzysztof Solarz